Charity is one of the basic principles on which Freemasonry is founded. Freemasons take a broad definition of charity – believing that charity can be by giving from the pocket, from the heart and from the hand.

From the pocket – by donating money to assist someone in need. After the devastation of the Black Saturday bushfires, Freemasons Victoria mobilised it’s members to raise money to relieve the distress of the victims of the fire. They raised in excess of $1.2 million from around Australasia and even from Masons overseas. This money was donated directly to families in the fire zone who were in great distress. It should be noted that only one of the many families that were given assistance was that of a Freemason. In May/June 2010 the last of the money was spent providing library books, furniture and equipment to the four Primary Schools in the district and to provide ongoing scholarships for children of fire victims attending those schools.

From the hand – by assisting in a physical way to aid those in need. The Freemasons Victoria Task Force is a dedicated band of men who give up their time helping others in time of need. After the Ash Wednesday fires, the Anakie fires and more recently the Black Saturday fires, these men turned out to remove burnt fencing and assisted in rebuilding the new fences – all on a voluntary basis. This is just one example of the sterling work these men do. They have also been involved in repairing huts in the high country , planting trees, cleaning up cemeteries and painting homes.

From the heart – by just being there when someone needs emotional support at times of bereavement or other personal crisis. This is usually found at a more personal level, and examples can be found at any Lodge at any given time.

One of their biggest efforts is the annual collection on Good Friday for the Royal Children’s Hospital. In 2010 they raised nearly $40,000 for the cause.