Van delivered to help SecondBite

Secondbite VehicleWestern District 117 provided funds and support so that a new vehicle could be provided to the Secondbite charity helping with food collection and deliveries.
In 2012, SecondBite collected 3 million kgs of fresh food that might otherwise have gone to waste.  With the generous support of over 600 volunteers, enough food to provide 6 million hearty meals was provided to over 500 community food programs across Australia.
Mark Patton of Logistics & Food Procurement Manager Victoria writes,

Your kind donation of the van has allowed SecondBite to collect and redistribute more fresh nutritious produce than ever before. We estimate that the van rescues and redistributes approximately 20 tonnes of fresh nutritious produce per month which equates to an extra 40,000 meals being providing to people in need via the agencies we support.

Since taking delivery of the van from the Freemasons, SecondBite has added more recipient agencies in the Western and North Western areas. These include the Braybrook Neighbourhood House, Wingate Community Health Services, and the Willing Older Workers. All these agencies are very thankful for the food they now receive from SecondBite. This is only possible now due to Freemason’s donation of the van.
As mentioned in our conversation last week Ted, the opportunity to ride the van is always available to you and all at the Freemasons so you can see first-hand the huge positive impact the van has made to SecondBite and the people we support.
Thanks again Ted to you and all at the Freemasons,

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