Meet the Volunteers 1.

Royalchildres2010-2Here is a story that proves the dedication of our volunteers. On Good Friday morning a couple of years ago, at about 7.30 am, volunteer organiser Steve Foss received a phone call from Marilyn Johnson informing him that her husband David had suffered a bad turn and that they would not be able to man their 7/11 post that day. She was so concerned that the post would be left unattended that Steve promised to call round, pick up the cans and collect for them. He immediately drove to the Johnson’s home where he found David being loaded into an ambulance having suffered a heart attack! It turned out that Marilyn had phoned Steve first before calling the ambulance! That’s what I call dedication. The good news is that David went on to make a complete recovery. The photo shows David and Marilyn with District Coordinator David Seymour on a happier Good Friday.

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