Newest member at Werribee Enterprise

John Meszaros (579x1024)On a cold, wet and windy Thursday night John Meszaros became the newest member of Werribee Enterprise Lodge on the 13th June 2013. John had contacted Grand Lodge to enquire how to become a freemason, and after having all his questions answered decided to complete the applic ation form. Following a satisfactory interview with the New Members Committee he was directed towards Werribee Enterprise Lodge which is situated close to his place of residence. He visited the Lodge at their fetive Board after several meetings where he met many members of the Lodge on a social basis. He was then initiated into freemasonry by members of the Lodge who were already known to him. At the festive board after the ceremony District Coordinator, David Seymour, welcomed John into freemasonry and wished him a long and happy association woth Werribee Enterprise Lodge. John responded and indicated that he was very haappy to become a member of the Lodge and freemasonry in general and thanked the members of the Lodge for their warm and sincere welcome. The photo shows District coordinator David Seymour and John Meszaros in the South.

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